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  Searching the strain databases  

Quick Instructions

NB Searching the database correctly requires cookies to be enabled on your browser.


  1. Check or uncheck each collection you wish to search.
  2. And/Or enter a Strain Name, ie any organism name (latin) or cell-line/hybridoma name. This term may be truncated.
  3. And/Or enter a Strain Identifer, ie the unique collection identifier (e.g. number or strain name) assigned by each collection. This term may be truncated. You should NOT include the collection acronym, ie enter just 9399 NOT NCIMB9399.
  4. And/Or you may also search for any single word occurring in the the whole of each data-set.
  5. Check button for 'exact', stem (right truncated) or like (sounds-like) search for the word entered in 4.

Search Criteria

  • You may search all the collections or just the ones you are interested in by checking the boxes at the top.

  • The Strain Name is the Latin name, or cell-line/hybridoma name of the strain. This term may be truncated to the right, eg entering Zygo will find all names like Zygosacharomyces, Zygorhyncus, Zygosporium etc. When the search is performed there will also be a drop-down box to the right showing the fifteen most similar names in the databases.

  • The Strain Identifier is the unique collection identifier assigned by each collection. This term may also be truncated to the right

  • You may also search for any single word occurring anywhere in any of the datasets. You may select a button to restrict this word search. It can be exact, truncated (stem), or sounds-like. The sounds-like search will attempt to identify similar sounding words (it ignores numbers and symbols occurring in the text). Similarly when a word search is performed the drop-down box to the right will display the fifteen most similar words (exact, truncated, or sounds-like according to your selection)

There are no records for the name I've entered?

The UKNCC database does not store information on the variety of synonyms under which an organism may be known. Please use the taxonomy and nomenclature resources listed here to check for alternative names if your search is unsuccesful.

Viewing a strain data-sheet

Clicking on the strain in the list will display the data-sheet for that particular record, eg provenance, growth media, metabolites etc. You may print out the 'data-sheet' by pressing CTRL+P.

Adding to, and viewing the Order List

This sheet also has a button ADD TO LIST. Clicking on this button will store the strain information in a temporary 'Order List'. You may add other strains to this hidden list. You view the list by selecting it from the menu.