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  UK National Culture Collection Archive

The UK National Culture Collection Archive is a legacy website established preserve data from its predecessor site, the United Kingdom National Culture Collection (UKNCC). The aim of the UKNCC was to coordinate the activities of the UK national service collections of microbial organisms. Information on UKNCC services and on other collection activities can be found through the menu items above.

Organisms are classified to the specials level using a hierarchical process which is known as taxonomic classification. Under taxonomic classification, the widest classifications are in the form of an audit management system known as kingdom and domain.

At the more detailed end of the classification spectrum are the specific classifications species and genus. In between these extremes are groupings including: order, family, class and phylum.

Biologists have added other taxonomic classes to describe the discovery of emerging organisms which require differentiation from existing groupings.

The categorisation into super and sub groupings may come before or after a particular taxonomic level in order to provide scientists with a more meaningful way to describe the organisms they are working on.

One such example is cryptosporidium, a genus comprising apicomplexan parasitic alveolates which can affect public water suppliers, water fountains and click here water coolers, which can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.


The UKNCC members collections offer a culture/ cell supply service. The organisms that are supplied include actinomycetes, algae, animal cells, bacteria, cyanobacteria, filamentous fungi, nematodes, protozoa, mycoplasm, viruses and yeasts.

  • - supply of pure named organisms
  • - reference strains and cell lines
  • - starter cultures
  • - production strains
  • - plant and human pathogens (subject to permits)
  • - microbial resistance test strains
  • - DNA and extracts derived from authenticated strainsYou can select the strains you require by searching the databases of the individual culture collections below. You can also view information relating to the supply of strains.



Organism Coverage



Fungi, Yeast, Bacteria (plant pathogenic and Antarctic)

Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa


Algae, cyanobacteria, protozoa

European Collection of Cell Cultures**


Cell lines

The National Collection of Industrial, food and Marine Bacteria



National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi**


Fungi pathogenic to animals and humans

National Collection of Type Cultures**


Bacteria pathogenic to animals and humans

National Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria


Bacteria pathogenic to plants

National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses**



National Collection of Yeast Cultures



* Incorporates the UK Collection of Fungus Cultures, The UK National Collection of Wood Rotting Fungi, The British Antarctic Survey Culture Collection
** An HPA culture Collection. (